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Bluemar specializes in reviewing maritime assessment reports such as prepurchase, cargo damage, hull & machinery, and condition of the vessel. To make it simple: Bluemar quality assures your text. We call it text-reviewing.

We use correct maritime terminology, and the right assessment form based on your guideline notes. Bluemar evaluates the input from the survey and does a realistic first screening of the input before we continue our work. Further, we focus on the language and transform the text into uniform English.

  • Do you already have an existing digital reporting platform? - Not a problem. We gladly work in your already existing platform environment.

  • Are you stuck with a bad report only in a text file?
    - Bluemar gladly takes up this challenge and transforms it into quality text in cooperation with the person giving the input.

A Bluemar expert who reviews your text works as a maritime engineer, nautical, or cargo surveyor. They all have several years of onboard experience. Simply and nothing less than maritime experts. On top of that, they possess training and experience in reviewing reports.

Maritime experts cooperate with other experts in writing and proofreading. One thing is sure, we can promise you that your maritime assessment report will sparkle. Let quality be your business plan.

"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." John Ruskin

Read more: Maritime cooperation network for better technical texts

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