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Frequently Asked Questions


 01 I have sent you an inquiry via e-mail or via your website. When will I get a reply?

We are happy that you have contacted us. Red Blueberry always replies to e-mails within 24 hours Monday-Friday. If you have an urgent inquiry it is better to call us or chat with us via Whatsapp at +31 6 822 266 38. Our e-mail address for all inquiries is


 02  I want to get a quotation. How does it work?

When the briefing is completely clear to us, you will shortly receive a transparent quote with a realistic indication of the required hours and the costs based on an hourly rate. Time for revisions and research is always included.

The quotation has a validity time of 30 days. 


 03  Do you give feedback to the client while you are working with the texts?

Yes, we always follow up by phone or an online meeting on the texts we have produced. After we have agreed on what has to be adjusted we do the necessary to make the final text. When the final text has been delivered it will be invoiced.


 04  How can I make sure that the text is living up to a high standard when it comes to language and facts?

After agreeing with the client on the requirements for the texts we find the correct person through our network to fulfill the task. Texts are always proofread and quality assured by us before we do the delivery. For Red Blueberry it is all about quality.


 05  Reviewing of texts and websites. How does it work?

We want to organize and present your texts or documentation in the best way for you. First, we audit your current status that we summarize to you in a report what we think needs to be done.​ We can propose both short and long-term solutions. Let us together discuss how to move forward, before Red Blueberry starts its work,

 06  I want to be a part of a Red Blueberry Network. How do I do?

Please contact us for more information at

We work on a freelance basis so in order to be in a network, managed by us, you need to have a registered company.

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