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The importance of being entertained

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

We do not laugh because we have to. Although it would be a great advantage if we could, as the positive aspects of a laugh are enormous. A good mood easily spread to people around you. Unconsciously, people become "infected" by the emotions that people around them carry.

"Laughter is the best medicine in the world" Milton Berle

If we can create a smile, laughter is not far away. Entertaining texts, illustrations and sharing others' mistakes and stories are great tools to achieve this. Most people do not laugh alone or on-demand, but in connection with something or someone.

The meaning of being entertained

A laugh disarms nervousness. Laughing unites you with the person you are laughing with. It does not matter if it is with the top manager of the company. The laughter shows that you have something in common. You have "clicked".

Laughter as well as a smile is something you can build on. Something you tell your colleagues, partners, parents and family. The positive gilds someone's everyday life and you feel good because you interact. Something that starts with a smile, can be shared with someone to laugh together about and to keep building on better relationships.

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The Red Blueberry team

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