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Updated: Apr 9

Struggling to be good in everything? Time management problems?

At the time when you started the company, you did it because of the skills you've got in one area. Skills that you could sell and continue to develop. What a great combination.

When passion meets skills magic is born.

Since you started your company you have realized that in order to grow you need to develop. A good way to develop is to promote your business. While promoting you need (yes, it is unfortunately true) some texts highlighting your business. An equation that might be difficult to solve.

What if you simply do not like writing or editing

Let's say that working with finances is your skill and passion. Your brain simply connects with figures and you do a great job in bookkeeping and month closures.

Your clients need to be informed about a new way of reporting and on top of that they keep on calling to get the basics explained to them. Additionally, you have to maintain a website to attract future clients to find out how great you are.

You have postponed updates on your website due to backlog and not really feeling to write anything. You have been telling yourself that if you postpone updates long enough there is no need any more to have them. However, it turned out not to be true. Now it's really time to...oh no...writing stuff about how your business is developing.

Are you suffering from writing cramps?

Do you recognize yourself in anything written above? It can be summarized as mogigraphy or better known as writing cramps. Somewhere you heard about the importance to have a blog and regularly update your website and social media. Last time, it did perhaps not turn out so great? Perhaps you should have taken that course to improve your blog, but at the end of the day, you have been busy with everything else instead.

Relax. Red Blueberry is here to help. We compose, structure, review, and rewrite already existing texts or websites. Reviewing of already produced texts? Finding the right focus for your business? Yes, we do that too. One of the big advantages of having inspirational texts and effective content on your website is that it will improve your business as well as your time management. We deliver quality at a reasonable price. Contact us at any time.

The Red Blueberry Team

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